Wednesday, 17 July 2013

An insight into the challenges of gaining employment.

I begin this blog by writing a post about employment as an adult on the Autism Spectrum.  Recently I have completed a Certificate in Mental Health First Aid. I believe that this is important for everyone to do this course as 1 in 5 Australians will have a mental illness¹.   In a couple of weeks I commence a job in a retail outlet. I haven't been working since the start of the year, so starting this job will be a challenge.  The job is roughly for 6 weeks and I am hoping to move to Brisbane to assist with the adult group there run by another Aspie Garry Burge.

 I believe I have determination and am reliable with several courses I have completed. I have also run my own business and have self determination.

Time management is something which I adhere to and believe is important within a work environment.  By reading this blog it is my intention to assist other adults like myself to better grasp the employment process.  It is also hoped that I can demonstrate that it is possible for an Aspie with positive attributes like my own to gain a foot into meaningful employment

I know that obtaining employment can be difficult but not impossible and if the right approach is taken which I demonstrate, then a positive future may exist for other adults on the Autism Spectrum.

What would be good to see is a means of providing support and assistance for adults on the Autism Spectrum to obtain employment.  In my own situation I have a strong commitment to work but what I find difficult is the application process as tends to focus more on social ability more so than practical skills and performance.
Breaking free of the barriers of employment

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  1. Hi Ben. The completion of the Mental Health First Aid Certificate is very important. Not only does this Certificate provide you with a very valuable certificate, it also addresses the issues of mental health in the work environment.

    Keep up the good work with your blog which I am sure will not only help you but also assist other adults in their search for employment and experiences.