Saturday, 14 February 2015

Gaining Strength in Networking

If you are regular reader you will notice that I am writing posts a lot less frequently. I have been very pre-occupied with my job at CareWest and I have been using my weekends to chill and refresh. As so much is going on also in my advocacy work as well, I am going to attempt to do a post once a fortnight.

This bring me to what I am doing as I write this blog. I am sitting in my car (in the air-conditioning as it is 33ºC [91ºF] outside)
Australian Native trees, what is outside my car window as I write this blog
I have just finished my meeting with Sue, who initiated an Autism Support Group in Lithgow about 12 months ago. She told me of the struggles and successes that she has had with her grandchild whom is on the spectrum and this prompted her to help others that have struggle with similar issues.

She is a very strong willed lady and I am very happy to have her come on board to be part of our network. Sue is also a passionate knitter and with her spare time she likes to create quilts and sensory products that assist with the the running costs of the support group. I also discussed with her my plan to create an informal network between the facilitators of the Support/Social groups in Central West, Blue Mountains and Wagga Wagga, to share the vast and varied knowledge and resources that all the groups have. In the near future a regular newsletter will be distributed by e-mail. I also want to create a directory with these groups and anyone else who would be interested in their local group (sorry only in Australia at this stage) being added please contact me via the contact form on the top right hand corner of the page.

Another person with whom I have come across recently is Jeanette Purkis. Jeanette is an inspiring lady who is on the spectrum, who humbly dedicates many tireless hours to work benefiting us all on the spectrum (and indeed making the world a better place for everyone). I started talking to Jeanette a couple of months ago because I was told that she would be a great contact, through a mutual facebokk friend. She is doing and has done too many things to list them all here. However some of the things she has done/is doing are listed below:
As you can imagine she is very busy, however I have multiple projects in the pipeline that Jeanette, along with others, will do in the future

As I have more to speak about (almost limitless actually, I just need to plan more time to actually sit down and read it all). I plan to write another blog in a week or two so stay tuned & please contact me if you have any questions on the blog in general or anything in particular I am doing. Thanks for reading.


  1. Good job on uplifting others who make us stronger! I hope you get your diagnosis. When I got mine, it made all the difference.

    1. Thanks for your support. I got my diagnosis a few months ago however forgotten to edit my blurb. The main reason I got it was so it was undeniable that I had it, I didn't deny it but unfortunately there are some people out there that don't believe you unless you show them a piece of paper. Thanks for reading my blog and have a good week :)

  2. thankyou Ben for the plug
    I am more than happy to join together for the benefit of sharing and helping anyone needing support and understanding regarding Autism and other special needs, anyone can contact me through the different online services or directly through our Support Meetings as stated on our links
    as stated I have the two separate facebook pages
    Nanna's Touch - quilts, and sensory products
    our Blog -
    and website -
    always ready to help, Happiness and Calm to all xxxx

    1. thanks Sue, glad to have your assistance when needed

  3. Congrats on the meaningful work and the powerful networking!

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