Thursday, 17 July 2014

An amazing opportunity through persistent hard work

Since my last post last post I have undergone yet again a few changes in my job situation. Well ahead (about 2 months) before my contract was to end at the retail store I applied to several jobs including to the local  pizza restaurant. Three weeks before my contract ended (early June) I was offered 30+ hours a week there which was alot more than what I was currently working and the contract was soon to run out anyway so I decided to leave the retail store and just work at the pizza restaurant.

At the pizza restaurant I found that the management and other staff were very positive and helpful which assisted me to feel comfortable in my position there very swiftly. Although it isn't what I wanted to do long term I enjoyed it as a gap job between finishing at the retail job and getting a new job.

Fortunately the one day off I had between finishing work at the pizza restaurant and starting my current job I had the opportunity to travel to Dubbo and see Tony Attwood talk. The most interesting point I took away from the conference is that because people with ASD have difficulty expressing themselves, especially their emotions, that using art (collages, painting, music are all good forms) can be a great way to work through and communicate their feelings. Tony also mentioned that he is working on a 10 session group therapy for people on the spectrum to deal with depression. This is so important as a large percentage of people with ASD also have depression and anxiety. Once you reduce the depression, anxiety usually lowers as a result as I believe the two are often closely related.

So now on to what I am now doing as a job. Last blog post I mentioned that I was applying for a position as an a Ability Links Linker. I am proud to announce that I now work full-time for Carewest as a Linker in the Central West Ability Links  Team. This is a radically different new service that the NSW government is funding until 2018. Families in every part of NSW will have access to a linker. Linkers work with people with a disability, their families and carers to help them plan for their future, build on their strengths and skills, and develop networks in their own communities so they can do what they want with their lives. Linkers also work with local communities to help them become more welcoming and inclusive of people with a disability. The service has been created with an aim to help people with a disability become less socially isolated by assisting them integrate into mainstream society. It also focuses on peoples strengths and sees that, with a bit of hard work and the right attitude it is possible to include people with a disability more in society and knows there is many benefits of organisations being more accommodating of everyone in society.

This job is not just a job for me, it is the start of a great and rewarding career that will have many challenges, but at the same time be rewarding and I am very proud to have received the chance to serve my community and provide well-overdue assistance to those who require it.

Thank-you for reading my blog and feel free to leave comments, questions and suggestions.